IoT 2018

Internet of Things has emerged as a last-mile solution for connecting various cyber technologies to our daily life. It provides a platform for integrating and analyzing the distributed Things, Data, and Services. The open issues include sensors and smart objects, resource-constrained devices and networks, real-time IoT OS systems, secure and robust communications, data collection and analysis, network graph embedding, machine learning and other analytics, IoT big data, mobile services, service composition, object discovery, behavior classification and prediction. This workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers to present thoughts and results for the most recent advances in different aspects of IoT and Future Communication Technologies. Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

    Future Internet
    Future Generation Communication Networks
    Wireless Sensor Networks
    5G, 4G, LTE, LTE-Advanced
    Intelligent Internet Communication
    IoT Architectures, Systems
    IoT Standards
    Networking Technologies for IoT
    Protocols and Algorithms for IoT
    Information Management and IoT
    Data Analytics for IoT
    Security and Privacy of IoT
    Smart Homes and Smart Cities
    Smart Agriculture
    Industrial IoT Applications
    Medical applications for IoT
    E-commerce and IoT
    Artificial Intelligence and IoT
    Health-care and IoT
    Fog Computing and IoT
    Cloud Computing and IoT