Honorable paper(s), Best Paper, and Best Student paper will be selected from CyberC 2020 accepted papers.

CyberC 2019 paper awards Best paper:

Authors: Lin Zhong, Xihua Duan, Yujue Wang, Jingyan Chen, Jidong Liu, Xiaoguang Wang Affiliations: Beihang University, Beijing Rulex Technology Co. Ltd., Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Beijing Certificate Authority Paper: eRoc: a Distributed Blockchain System with Fast Consensus

Honorable Student Paper

Authors: Bo Liu, Yuhao Sun, and Bo Liu Affiliation: Southeast University Paper: Translational Bit-By-Bit Multi-Bit Quantization for CRNN on Keyword Spotting

Honorable Paper

Authors: Xuefeng Liu, Gansen Zhao, Xinming Wang, Yixing Lin, Ziheng Zhou, Hua Tang, and Bingchuan Chen Affiliations: South China Normal University, VeChain Foundation, Guangdong University of Finance and Economics Paper: MDP-Based Quantitative Framework for Proof of Authority