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SDN&NFV 2017: The 3rd workshop on Software Defined Network and Network Function Virtualization
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The Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) are motivated to decouple the network functions from the underlying physical infrastructure. Specifically, SDN enables the capability to manage network services through the abstraction of lower-level functionality. On the other hand, NFV can virtualize the entire classes of network node functions into a number of building blocks that could be connected to communication services. As a result, SDN & NFV enables rapid networks and services innovation for all participants in a flexible and cost-efficient manner, such as improvement of the network resource utilization while reducing the operational cost. This is different than the traditional telecommunications industry that follows rigorous standards for stability, protocol adherence and quality, which leads to long production cycles and slow pace of evolution. There are a number of SDN & NFV research issues such as the architecture design, SDN or NFV elements, deployments, security, and services.  SDN&NFV workshop 2016 solicits previously unpublished research papers in the relevant area.  

2017 SDN/NFV is co-hosted with CyberC 2017. Authors are invited to submit original technical papers covering but not limited to the topics of interest listed below:


·         SDN architectures, planning, and SDN-oriented elements such as Router, Switch, Gateway

·         SDN & OpenFlow and open source

·         NFV infrastructure and hardware acceleration

·         Control plane architectures and network operating systems for SDN/NFV elements

·         Network monitoring, management, QoE

·         Scalability and Reliability of virtualized function

·         Forwarding plane abstractions and programmability paradigms

·         Application programming interfaces, protocols, and programming languages

·         New applications in the NFV and SDN networks.

·         SDN/NFV  data plane and control plane

·         Performance evaluation such as scalability, reliability, and fault resiliency.

·         Security including security function virtualization, security as a service, dynamic service chaining

·         SDN/NFV tools

·         Big Data models and analytics for NFV and SDN

·         Software-based Integration of computing, storage & networks

·         Mobile Services, Cloud, and SDN & NFV

·         Future Enterprise Network  and SDN/NFV user cases


Important Dates

May 15, 2017(June 15, 2017) Conference Paper Submission Deadline
July 15, 2017- Notification of Acceptance & Registration Starts
August 15, 2017- Camera-Ready Paper Submission Due & Registration Due 


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Electronic submission to papers@cyberc.org with a title of “2017 SDN/NFV Submission” is also accepted.

Please DO NOT submit both ways.


Accepted and presented papers will be included in CyberC Proceeding. Best papers will be recommended to EI Journal special issue. 


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