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CyberC 2017 Big Data and SDN/NFV Summit Invited Speakers


Dr. Shui Yu (余水)Deakin University, Australia

Shui Yu received his B.Eng (Electronic Engineering) and M.Eng (Computer Science) degree from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China , P. R. China in 1993 and 1999, respectively. He also obtained an Associate Degree in Mathematics from the same university in 1993. He received his PhD (Computer Science) from Deakin University in 2004. He is currently a Senior Lecturer of School of Information Technology, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Before joining Deakin University , Dr Yu was a Lecturer of Computer College in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. He has a good experience of industry, especially in network design and software development organization and implementation. His research interests include Big Data Theory and Application, Networking Theory and Application, and Mathematical Modelling. He dedicates himself in advance human understanding of networks and information, including their measurement, representation, analysis, and application. As a semi-mathematician, he targets on narrowing the gap between theory and application using mathematical tools.

Dr Yu is a Guest Professor of South West University of China, an overseas expert of the national 111 project at Beijing Jiaotong Univesity. Dr Yu is a Member of AAAS, ACM, and a Senior Member of IEEE.

Shui Yu is a Senior Member of IEEE, and a member of AAAS and ACM, the Vice Chair of Technical Subcommittee on Big Data Processing, Analytics, and Networking of IEEE Communication Society, and a member of IEEE Big Data Standardization Committee.

Dr Yu’s research interest includes Security and Privacy in Networking, Big Data, and Cyberspace, and mathematical modelling. He has published two monographs and edited two books, more than 150 technical papers, including top journals and top conferences, such as IEEE TPDS, IEEE TC, IEEE TIFS, IEEE TMC, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TETC, and IEEE INFOCOM. Dr Yu initiated the research field of networking for big data in 2013. His h-index is 22.

Dr Yu actively serves his research communities in various roles. He is currently serving the editorial boards of IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, IEEE Access, IEEE Journal of Internet of Things, IEEE Communications Magazine, and a number of other international journals. He has served more than 70 international conferences as a member of organizing committee, such as publication chair for IEEE Globecom 2015 and 2017, IEEE INFOCOM 2016 and 2017, TPC co-chair for IEEE BigDataService 2015, IEEE ATNAC 2014, IEEE ITNAC 2015; Executive general chair for ACSW2017

More information of Dr Yu can be found at http://www.deakin.edu.au/~syu/

Topic: Networking for Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities


Big Data is one of the hottest topics in our communities, and networking is an indispensable corner stone for the fancy big data applications. As a result, there is an emerging research branch, Networking for Big Data (NBD), in networking and communication fields. In this talk, we will firstly overview the current landscape of this energetic area, and then present the unprecedented challenges in this new domain, and finally discuss the current research directions in the main topics in networking for big data. We humbly hope this talk will shed light for forthcoming researchers to further explore the uncharted part of this promising land.

Prof. Maode Ma, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Maode Ma received his Ph.D. degree in computer science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1999. Now, he is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has extensive research interests including wireless networking and network security. He has led and/or participated more than 20 research projects funded by government, industry, military and universities in various countries. He has been a general chair, technical symposium chair, tutorial chair, publication chair, publicity chair and session chair for more than 80 international conferences. He has been a member of the technical program committees for more than 180 international conferences. Dr. Ma has more than 300 international academic publications including more than 140 journal papers and over 160 conference papers. He currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering and International Journal of Electronic Transport. He also serves as a Senior Editor for IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, and an Associate Editor for International Journal of Security and Communication Networks, International Journal of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing and International Journal of Communication Systems. He had been an Associate Editor for IEEE Communications Letters from 2003 to 2011 and an Associate Editor for International Journal of Network and Computer Applications from 2007 to 2015. Dr. Ma is a Fellow of IET, a senior member of IEEE, and a member of ACM. He is the Chair of the IEEE Education Society, Singapore Chapter. He is also the Chair of the ACM, Singapore Chapter. He is serving as an IEEE Communication Society Distinguished Lecturer.



Dr. Chang Tan,  Vice Director of the Research Institute of iFlyTech, iFlyTech, China

Dr. Chang Tan received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the he University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), Hefei, China, in 2014. He has founded Anhui RongData Co., Ltd. (national high-tech enterprises). He is currently Deputy Dean of iFLYTEK Bigdata Research Institute, responsible for bigdata technology research and application in the field of Smart City, Computing Advertising and Recommender System, etc.

Dr. Tan is mainly engaged in research and application of data mining and recommendation system technology. He has many years of research and practical experience in bigdata technology and personalized recommendation, with a focus on bigdata platform construction, user behavior analysis, mobile data analysis.

Dr. Tan has participated in more than 10 national research projects such as 863, National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published prolifically in refereed journals and conference proceedings, such as ACM TIST, IEEE ICDM and ACM CIKM. He led the R&D team to complete a number of technical cooperation projects for Alibaba, China Mobile, China Telecom, Beijing Railway Bureau and other well-known domestic enterprises. For his outstanding contributions to data mining, he was elected an expert committee of China Computer Federation Task Force on Big Data in 2016.

Prof. Yegin Genc, Pace University, New York, USA

Yegin Genc is an Assistant Professor at Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems at Pace University. He received his Ph.D. in Information Management from Howe Business School at  Stevens Institute of Technology in 2014.  His research draws from exploratory search, information retrieval, and text analysis with a particular focus on semantic transforms with collaborative knowledge bases such as Wikipedia. Previously, he was the Director of Professional Services at Interneer Inc. He holds an M.Sc. in Information Technology from University of Central Missouri and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. 

Big Data Summit Moderator: Chung-Min Chen, Ph.D. 陳仲民, VP of Data Science, iconectiv, USA

Chung-Min currently leads the exploration of data science techniques for telecom applications that aim at improving mobile user experiences and business intelligence.  Previously he was Chief Scientist with Applied Communication Sciences working on data analytics and privacy involving large sets of smart grid, financial, and web data. Prior to that, he was Chief Scientist and Director of Telcordia Technologies, during which he led and contributed to projects in OSS, telematics, and M2M. He also headed Telcordia’s applied research center in Taiwan, overseeing R&D, consulting, and customer engagement.

His research interest spans across areas in database systems, machine learning, parallel & distributed computing, mobile data, and mobile ad hoc network.   He has published over 50 research papers in journals and conferences including The Journal of the ACM, IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing, IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking, IEEE J. SAC, INFOCOM, ACM SIGMOD, KDD, EDBT, ICDE, and ICDCS. He received the Newcomer Paper Award of ACM PODS 2002.

Chung-Min was an Adjunct Professor at National Taiwan University (2008-2011) and an invited speaker at the 2001 Data Mining Summer School at Rutgers University. He also served as the Chair of US ANSI expert group to Working Group 17 (Mobile Devices for ITS Applications) of ISO TC-204 (Intelligent Transportation System). He received PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland at College Park and B.S. in Computer Science from National Taiwan University.

Dr. Chih-Lin I 易芝玲, Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies, China Mobile Research Institute

Chih-Lin I received her Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. She has been working at multiple world-class companies and research institutes leading the R&D, including AT&T Bell Labs; Director of AT&T HQ, Director of ITRI Taiwan, and VPGD of ASTRI Hong Kong. She received the IEEE Trans. COM Stephen Rice Best Paper Award, is a winner of the CCCP National 1000 Talent Program, and has won the 2015 Industrial Innovation Award of IEEE Communication Society for Leadership and Innovation in Next-Generation Cellular Wireless Networks.

In 2011, she joined China Mobile as its Chief Scientist of wireless technologies, established the Green Communications Research Center, and launched the 5G Key Technologies R&D. She is spearheading major initiatives including 5G, C-RAN, high energy efficiency system architectures, technologies and devices; and green energy. She was an Area Editor of IEEE/ACM Trans. NET, an elected Board Member of IEEE ComSoc, Chair of the ComSoc Meetings and Conferences Board, and Founding Chair of the IEEE WCNC Steering Committee.

She was a Professor at NCTU, an Adjunct Professor at NTU, and currently an Adjunct Professor at BUPT. She is the Chair of FuTURE 5G SIG, an Executive Board Member of GreenTouch, a Network Operator Council Founding Member of ETSI NFV, a Steering Board Member of WWRF, a member of IEEE ComSoc SDB, SPC, and CSCN-SC, and a Scientific Advisory Board Member of Singapore NRF. Her current research interests center around “Green, Soft, and Open”.

SDN/NFV Summit Moderator: David Lu 陆惠晨, Vice President, D2 Platform and Systems Development, Technology Development, AT&T Services, Inc. USA

David, Vice President – Common Platform & Technology Services, and Business Solution Development, is responsible for integrated and common software platforms, tools, technology components, and services to enable the AT&T network and systems virtualization and software ecosystem transformation including API, common data frameworks, network management, dispatching, and policy control & orchestration platforms. He leads an organization with more than 5,000 people across the globe.

David is a well-respected leader in software architecture and engineering, network performance and traffic management, business solutions, large DB and big data implementation/mining/analytics, software reliability and quality, and network operations process engineering.

Since joining AT&T Bell Labs in 1987, he has served in various leadership positions at AT&T. He holds 36 patents and has frequently appeared as a guest speaker at technical and leadership seminars and conferences throughout the world. He received numerous industry awards including the 2015 Chairman’s Award from IEEE Communication Society for Network and Systems Quality and Reliability. He has been very active in community organizations and activities including AT&T APCA, DFW-CIE, and DFW Asian American Chamber of Commerce. He was recognized by AT&T APCA with the 2015 Corporate Leadership Award.

He was admitted to the world renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music but came to US to complete his college. He has an undergraduate degree in music, majoring in cello performance and graduate degree in Computer Science.

CyberC 2017 Summits Co-Organizer: Tzyh-Jong (TJ) Wang, PhD, AT&T, USA

Dr. TJ Wang is currently with AT&T since 2008. He is a system engineer for mobility operations support systems focusing on mobility network end-to-end performance and reliability. Prior to joining AT&T, TJ was with DEC, Bellcore, Lucent Technologies and UTStarcom between 1987 and 2008.

He received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987; and B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, in 1978.

CyberC 2017 Summits Co-Organizer: Chi-Ming Chen Ph.D. 陳啟明, AT&T Labs, USA

Chi-Ming Chen joined AT&T in 1995. He is with the AT&T Labs architecture organization which designs the Enhanced Control Orchestration Management Platform (ECOMP).  Prior to joining AT&T, Chi-Ming was with Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) from 1985 to 1995 and was a faculty member at Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan from 1975 to 1979.

He received his Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985; M.S. in Computer Science from the Pennsylvania State University in 1981; M.S. and B.S. in Physics from Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, in 1973 and 1971 respectively.

Chi-Ming Chen is a Life Senior Member of IEEE and Senior Member of ACM. He is an Advisory Board Member of IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) Technical Committee on Communications Quality & Reliability (CQR), a member of the IEEE GLOBECOM & ICC Management & Strategy (GIMS) Standing Committee. He has chaired several GLOBECOM and ICC Industry Forums and is serving as the GIMS Advisor for ICC 2019, Shanghai, China.

Chi-Ming is a Steering Committee member of the IEEE SDN Initiative and IEEE Big Data Initiative. He also co-chairs the Roadmap Working Group of IEEE 5G Initiative. In addition to CyberC, he also organizes the annual IEEE Emerging Technology Reliability Roundtable (ETR-RT) since 2014.